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“Music is a UNIVERSAL language”  


Both electric & acoustic guitar are taught here at Rockademy. It is advised to bring your own instrument along to lessons though the option of hiring a guitar is available (contact us for more information). Guitars are currently the most popular choice of lessons, probably due to the popularity of the instrument not to mention how cool guitars look!

Bass Guitar

The bass is becoming an ever more popular choice of instrument. Along the way, you will be given the opportunity to learn a variety of songs on the bass from bands including Radiohead, Muse, The Kinks, Greenday, Bruno Mars, to name just a few. We offer lessons on electric bass and can provide advice if you need help selecting the right size guitar for your child.


Paradiddle. Counterhoop. Flam. These are just some of the wonderful new words you can add to your vocabulary when you enrol on a course of drum lessons. Our highly skilled drum tutors will coach you from beginning to end with a repertoire of great rock and pop music giving you the skills you’ll need to be a rock and pop musician.

Keyboard / Piano

Electric keyboards offer the opportunity to play with different sounds which gives your practice and playing variety. Most keyboards often have built in backing tracks, metronomes and drum beats which are good for developing your ability to play in time with the beat. MIDI keyboards can also be connected to your computer, which opens up more music-playing and music-creating opportunities - Great for home recording too!


Songs are both spoken and heard. Children do not have to be able to read in order to learn a song. And because songs are filled with rhymes, alliteration, and different sound patterns, they actually celebrate the sounds of language. Singing favourite songs over and over again helps children become consciously aware of sounds and the way we can manipulate them

Singing can dramatically improve self-esteem (particularly for vulnerable and children with special educational needs), as we have seen it helps children to be more calm and focused.


The ukulele is commonly associated with music from Hawaii where the name roughly translates as "jumping flea". Usually a popular instrument for younger children as it only has 4 strings and a smaller, narrower neck, many adults are finding that the "Uke" is a very fun and pretty easy to learn instrument. At Rockademy, we tend to run many classroom workshops teaching children of all age groups.

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