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Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:00pm

​Saturday CLOSED




10 McDonough Close




text us on: +44 07846164157

email rockademy@outlook.com

School Lessons

One to one 20 minutes

One to one 30 minutes

Group 20 minutes

Group 30 minutes

(invoiced per 10 lessons)

Home Tuition

One to one 30 minutes

One to one 45 minutes

One to one 60 minutes

Group 30 minutes

Group 45 minutes

Group 60 minutes

(invoiced per half term)

Our Prices - United Kingdom


Our enrolment fees are subject to regional variation, please CONTACT US FOR AN INFORMATION PACK, it will explain specifically for you our prices in your area.

Our Prices - New Zealand


Our enrollment fees are subject to lesson types and we are only offering school lessons in NZ presently. Our music lesson prices range from $18.00 to $30.00 per lesson. CONTACT US FOR AN INFORMATION PACK

Payment Terms And Conditions 

1. Upon receipt of an enrolment, an account will be created for the purposes of invoicing session fees.

2. Invoices are produced as lesson courses in blocks of 10 for school lessons, we have calculated our invoices to go out every 10 lessons - Taking into account notified school closures for half terms and holidays of course which you are never expected to pay for (unless you have home lessons over these periods). Invoice periods are published on our website. You can find a link to this here.

3. The invoice includes all of the available sessions for that block of 10 lessons.

4. Invoices are payable within 14 days of issue.

5. As lesson spaces are limited by strict teacher / student ratios, the invoice is for the lesson space :- - We DO NOT charge for sessions that WE cancel. - We DO charge for available sessions that YOU do not attend. We take in to account notified absences (24 hours’ notice direct to Rockademy before the lesson day and time) – parents or guardians MUST notify Rockademy directly if their child will not be attending for any reason, this can include sporting events, tournaments, trips, holidays or any other activities attended through the school. As we are an outside agency, we are not always aware of the extra events happening within school.

6. We do not offer refunds or credits for unattended sessions where we have not been given 24 hours’ notice. Notified absences that have been pre-paid will carry over to the next invoice period.

7. Our preferred form of payment linked on your invoice, or by credit debit card (see link at the bottom of this page). We also accept BACS / direct bank payment via the internet using the following information:


SrT 602420

ACC 89849299

REF (child name and school)

We DO NO LONGER accept cheques or cash. We are unable to take payment over the phone but you can pay by credit / debit card via the link on your invoice.

8. Dishonoured cheques / charge-backs will be subject to a Dishonoured Payment Fee (D.P.F.) as published - currently £10 per lesson block.

9. Accounts that are not paid in full by the time the next invoice is due (dates of invoice publishing are available here) will be subject to a Late Payment Fee (L.P.F.) as published - currently £10 per account - please be aware that it is possible to have multiple accounts on a single invoice, such as siblings.

10. If you do not wish to cancel your lessons then it is vital that you inform us BEFORE the next invoicing period. Otherwise, we use an automatic re-booking system. This means that, unless you inform us that you wish to cancel your chosen instrument lessons, we will automatically enrol you onto a new ten lesson course.  You can do this by email, phone or post but if we have not received notification by the deadline your place will be automatically rebooked and the refunds policy will apply - Once a course has started, we regret that we cannot issue refunds or credits.

11. Accounts that are not paid in full after a second consecutive invoice has been issued will be automatically referred for debt collection without any further warning or communication.

12. We operate a Debt Recovery Procedure in partnership with HM Courts Service (Northampton County Court) and pursue ALL outstanding debts. The costs incurred in this procedure will be added to the final account balance.


If you have received an invoice for lessons from us, you may pay using the link below to our payment gateway. 

When you follow the link, please do be sure to add 2 important pieces of information.

1. The Invoice Number you are paying

2. The students name who has lessons

This information can be inputted on the NOTES section once you have clicked the link.