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We   have a plan...


As the possibility of a teacher strike looms over our school districts, it is important that we prepare for any potential disruptions to the academic year. In order to ensure that our students' education is not compromised, we have created a list of new terms and concepts that will be implemented in the event of a teacher strike, resulting in your school being closed on the day of your planned Rockademy music lessons.​

Alternative Learning Activities: These activities will be provided and scheduled to all students affected by the school closures, to complete your pre paid lesson with us independently during the teacher strike. They may include online modules, instructional videos, reading assignments, and other resources that align with the current curriculum. Most likely we will automatically opt you in for online 'remote' learning. 


Flexible Scheduling: In order to minimize disruptions to the academic year, we will implement a flexible scheduling system. This may likely  include the option of remote 'zoom' learning in or out of school hours, where by we will aim to create the best time possible to suit you. This will be arranged direct with our tutors and the contact info we have been provided by you upon enrolling.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds due to strike day related school closures or cancellations. This 'no refunds policy' will also include anyone who chooses not to have remote lessons when they are offered. We do understand that the current situation with school closures and strike days can make it difficult for students to attend their music lessons. Our primary course of action is to make sure our students don't miss out completely on valuable learning, so we are now offering music lessons via Zoom (or similar). However, we will also aim to provide access to the lesson materials and recordings of the lesson where possible, so that our students can make the most of their learning.


We understand that a teacher strike can be a stressful and uncertain time for everyone involved. However, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education, even in the face of adversity. We will continue to communicate with parents, students, and teachers as the situation develops, and we appreciate your cooperation and support during this time. We are dedicated to providing quality music lessons during these difficult times. 

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