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Rockademy's Mission

Our mission is simple - To boost the confidence in people by helping them grow and develop a new skill.

Many schools around the country offer instrument lessons which have programs focusing on out of date songs and musical styles which the children may not be enthused by. Our aim is to offer modern, up to date and popular music on our syllabus which every student can recognise and learn. We want our pupils to be able to show off their skills, to be able to pick up and play songs that are known and have a sing along with their friends and family. We focus on making sure every student experiences the benefits of learning to play and create music such as teamwork, expression, identity, confidence and developing strong self esteem.

  Graded Program 

Each instrument has it's own program to follow which will tutor the pupils through grades supported by the award winning Trinity Rock & Pop Exams. During the grades, pupils will learn key music skills including how to read TAB and notation, to play pop songs along with recorded backing tracks, improvisations & song writing skills plus a fantastically unique feature of band option tracks where the same song is available to learn throughout each grade for drums, guitar, bass and keys. When our students  progress through the grade system, it provides good exam practise and eventually UCAS points for entry to UK higher education which are available at grades 6-8. The current exam syllabus can be found here.

  Custom Program 

Custom lesson programs, or tailor made lessons are the core part of Rockademy's ethos. We understand that grades aren't for everyone and that learning music is about enjoyment and having a good time which is why every one of our teachers are more than capable of creating individual lesson programs for that individual musician-to-be. After all, one shoe size does not fit all and neither should your lessons.

Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

Anyone learning a musical instrument for a minimum of 3 months aged between 14 and 24 can qualify for their D of E skills award. Rockademy have assisted many students over the years to achieve their bronze, silver and gold awards, for more information about the D of E skills requirements please follow this link.

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