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"I believe ROCKADEMY came and visited on Monday to talk about learning an instrument. Oliver was super impressed by the visit - it was all he could talk about when he came home! He's had an acoustic guitar for around 18 months, but we've never got round to getting lessons for him.

Thanks to your visit, he now seems to have a lot more enthusiasm about learning how to play it properly, so I thought it would be a great time to start some lessons" -Parent


Rockademy are the UK based award winning music academy. We offer peripatetic music lessons for one to one lessons and/or small groups for school pupils, available for INFANT, PRIMARY and SECONDARY schools. We are nationwide, meaning we are running musical instrument lessons in all counties over the UK. Subject to regional availability, the musical  instruments we can offer to teach in your school are:

-Guitar - Acoustic and electric

-Bass guitar

-Drum kit







Across all instruments, rock & pop, a mix of classics and mainstream music is our main focus and we have only like-minded teachers working with Rockademy that can provide inspiring lessons to your pupils. We offer either 20 minute or 30 minute private lessons, these are the most sought after from schools and parents and allow us to tailor make each lesson to the individual. 


Our music lessons are tailor made and focus on the pupils (or as we call them, the 'Rock Stars') musicianship skills... Think School Of Rock - under our supervision and guidance. There will be some musical theory taught along the way and exposure to making noise across different instruments - Songs on our repertoire such as 7 Nation Army, Eye Of The Tiger, Harry Potter theme, Flowers, and more, keep the 'rockstars' interested.



As a private company, we take child protection and well being very seriously. Safeguarding is high on our priorities as a company and all of our teachers hold up to date DBS certificates and where necessary, will hold a certified NSPCC safeguard training.




If you are lucky enough to support Rockademy and have us visit your school, this is what you can expect; One of our professional instructors will come in with all the equipment we need, deliver an engaging assembly (we always get hands clapping and many 'WOW' sounds), perform popular songs across the instruments of your choice and give your pupils an inspirational introduction to the journey of learning a musical instrument. It’s great fun for everyone and an exciting glimpse of what you can achieve with Rockademy and music in general. From here we like to move on towards offering pupils the chance to take up learning one of the instruments with our dedicated team of peripatetic music teachers (who would visit your school weekly).

"Thank you so much again for coming in and inspiring the children! They absolutely loved it and will not stop talking about it! The children thought you were 'very cool'! 🙂" - Charlotte, music leader


It is very easy, simply use the 'schedule appointment' link , or send us an email at 

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