50 SONGS - That Have Only 4 Chords!!!

That's right, you read it correctly, I did say you can play 50 songs with the same 4 chords. And you know what, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 50 songs you can play, I am just sharing a few well known tracks for you to get going.

You are probably wondering at this stage "what are these magical chords and how do I play them". Let's get you started. The chords are..... Drum roll please....... dududududududududududududududud

C - G - Am - F

Need a little help with these shapes? No problem, I shall give you the chord charts:




"listen to the tracks to get a feel for the timing and rhythm"

Now you know the chords, you probably want to know the songs? Great, the list below has the 50 songs you can now play! How cool is that?!?! I recommend you listen to the tracks on Spotify, YouTube, Prime, iTunes, to get a feel for the timing and rhythm. I should also mention that the chords do not always run in the same order so you will also need to look this up. Of course, the best way to learn these is by having face to face lessons with any one of our awesome teachers www.rockademy.co.uk

Enjoy guys, see you soon.

1. Journey - "Don't stop believing"

2. James Blunt – "You're Beautiful"

3. Black Eyed Peas – "Where Is the Love"

4. Alphaville – "Forever Young"