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Corona Virus (CV) - Back up plan 101

SCHOOL CLOSURES?? What will this mean??

Hi folks.. We thought we would issue a quick summary of 'what happens if...'

We have never had a mass school closure in the UK (not in my generation anyway) except holidays and half terms, so, what we thinking, in the event schools are shut for over 2 weeks due to the CV outbreak, is to offer all current students of ours online lessons (skype/zoom/facetime call style) so that the kids can still fulfil their sessions with us.

We will cross the technical bridge when we have to, obviously this is all yet to be confirmed by Boris and if there is a closure no-one really knows how long for or when it might happen. All we do know is that if kids are off school for a prolonged time, potentially stuck indoors too, us parents will be glad to find anything to fill a 30 min or so window with an activity!! And plus, what better way to spend your time in that to get better at music! Right?

Following advice from the government websites, they are encouraging we try and tend to business as usual during these times, so we are just being ultra vigilant for now and can be confident we have a backup plan if we need one.

Thank you!

(this page will self destruct as soon as CV has left the building)

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