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Must Have's For Under £10


Essential accessories for any musician which are all under a tenner! Perfect for filling a stocking, save up your pocket money or for spending birthday money on, let me guide you through what I think are a few top buys for you. Having been a studio and touring musician and now the owner of the UK's fastest growing music education school, I can highly recommend all of these gadgets and gizmos for anyone who loves music.


Great fun for all, with a C major harmonica, you can't really make it sound bad... Even if you tried.


Does your guitar or bass crackle or dip in and out of volume when you least expect it? Chances are it could be a faulty lead - Very common as they are easy to break. These tweed cables are a little more robust and look very cool too.


Say goodbye to laying your sheets on the table, pinning your book open with a mug and staring at your music sheets on the floor - Instead say hello to good posture and viewing pleasure.. These foldable stands are easy to store and to transport.


Look like a pro and be super tidy with a drumstick bag. You can hold your sticks and brushes in one place so you never have to search over the house for that lost drum stick again.


"Exit light, Enter night.." and enter light again please. A gigging musician will know the problems of trying to read scores in the dark of a music pit or on stage. Clip this light onto your stand to light up your music sheets.


Let your personality shine with a funky design of strap. Suitable for guitars, bass, uke's, you can never have too many.


Liam Gallagher's instrument of choice, good old fashioned tambourine is a must have in any musicians room.


If you want to sound good, you better keep those strings in tune. I admit cheated a little here, this one unit is just over a £10, but it is a good one. Many professional artists use a Snark as they are very accurate at tuning guitar and bass strings. I recommend clip on tuners to everyone, they are miles better than any free app you can download because they eliminate any atmospheric noise interference. - Thanks for reading, please share the love by sharing this blog...

Leigh Jones

Rockademy Director

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